L’Histoire d’ Hé! Stranger…

Something my fans should know…

When I first came to England, I was a young woman, and did not speak very good English…

The music on this video is a live recording at a concert at the 12 Bar Club London in 2005. It is one of my old songs but as I am not allowed to upload the original recordings of my old songs on youtube unless I agree to have tacky ads on it, from which I wouldn’t be the one making the money anyway ; it was a bad business deal with my songs . If I was naive in business when very young, things are going to change this year, so could my fans be so kind to check my new albums on Itunes: L’Amérotica I and II as well as L’Ame Erotique – Backing me are Charlie and Justine from the infamous Cesarians.

3 thoughts on “L’Histoire d’ Hé! Stranger…

  1. Lovely version of that song. Have you ever considered doing a live album of your older songs in that stripped down style – I think I prefer it to the album? Would you get more of the money for new versions?

    • Thank you Ian for confirming what most people think ( including myself ), that the Ztt album was over produced… Unfortunately when I signed with them I was very young and let myself into an unfair deal which doesn’t allow me very much regarding these songs; this year however, something will change and you will hear some new songs of mine that are highly superior to anything I have done previously.
      Thank you for the supportive thought, Anne.

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