And Now…The Amérotic Salon…For Valentine’s day 2013…

annepigalle                  Le salon Amerotic

flyersalonSo we had the opening for my art show “Is there life after sex ?”and you never know what to expect, I get more stagefright  for my art openings than when I’m gonna go on a proper stage. Some lovely people turned up including Glen Matlock and Kevin Cummins, it was an honour, and the performance went well; I did 2 poemes from L’Ame Erotique and sang a new song, terrific.

You can see some pictures of the opening on the post below…

Now the Salon is coming up for Valentine’s day and I need to tell people a little bit about it…

It is really like a performance with the amerotic poems, a lecture about eroticism, a interactive salon where people can discuss, only if they wish too, and also an art class at the end!! I cannot reveal absolutly everything, I must leave some to mystery  but you really do get a good deal, it is entertaining as much as it is enriching and ecucating…A friend reminded me today how funny it was that couples do meet at my soirées…

More later, diner now…

Also I will need to mention the new tracks coming out the same day as the Salon as well.


Details of the event:
AT THE UNION CLUB 50 Greek St London, Greater London W1D 4EQ — CALL 020 7734 4113 or email it is a member’s club, I will start the salon at the end of the diner and linger on afterwards -There is a lovely valentine diner for £30 but you are also welcome to just have a drink
and the exhibition runs til 21st February,

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