Here is my new little video for Queen Maria, the new baby, it was fun to make but my most ambitious editing to date…

I’m not just wearing a yellow dress because the arrival of daffodils will soon be in the air, but because I found it in my closet, a souvenir from Spain,

It’s an hommage to all the real people out there, not perfect, maybe a bit fat, getting a little old, different looking, different in any way, not approved by the advertising and corporate society, the misfits, the loosers, the people who feel on their own – Queen Maria has a GOOD TIME, and YOU can too !

A benefit performance follows on the 9th March in Camberwell in support of the  LGBTQ,   FREE – see you there


at The Flying Dutchman, 156 Wells Way, Camberwell London SE5 7SY – starts 2pm til 1am, performances and art through the day – in support of LGBTQ, free but donations welcome

And the release of Madame Sex and L’Ame Erotique on Bandcamp ONLY, Feb 2013

come on now all the pigalettes on the loose out there, make the effort to download Madame Sex, for you can’t really escape her much longer…

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