At the end of the summer

BSqFyHkCUAAwE0P                                   Lake District summer  2013 copyright AP

As always, I get a bit nostalgic at the end of the summer . Strange paradox as the autumn is supposed to be my favourite season, but I think I like all seasons.
Time to think about new projects.
We live in a terrifying world and I believe it is the role of the artist , the true artist that is , ( that includes intellectuals of all kinds ) to make this world more interesting and bearable.
Bimbos entertainers and false idols will come and go, they will never survive the test of time as they are throwaway Kleenexes with no hope for the human race.
So yes this autumn will be very decisive for a lot of us, we need to know ourselves better, we need to unite, we need to see clearly .

Summer 2013 South of France copyright Anne Pigalle

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