L’Histoire d’Anne Pigalle, the film. A real story – Authenticity vs Karaoke…


After 3 years of Fb experiment, it is time to retire from that medium, I will keep uploading posts about live appearances, but I cannot upload my new material here until its publically released , we know why by now:

anyone who wants extra information will have to look at the website, follow me on this blog, join the mailing list, or write to me on the email given on the very website,

We are about to finally enter a new area, and let’s hope it will be for enlightment.

I do not share the growing idea and obcession that life is only about money, war, business and greed; this is happening to the detriment of Art , Music and Love, the real stuff, not its mockery; this is not the world or life I believe in. Money is transient, good music and art are and should remain transcendental…If you want to believe everything you are being told by the media at the moment, well maybe you’d believe anything.

Regarding the video below, again, where advertising ruins a good idea, I only had myself and my life to offer, not mere prefabricated lies; for you to be the discerning one.

The Mary Magdelene Project started in 2005 – continues Now – ( Some pics were published on Facebook in 2009 and early 2010 )

The Mary Magdelene project, has been on my mind since for ever, I was uploading some ideas on the net and Facebook in 2009…

My grandmother was a nun in and from the South of France , that is what inspires me to do this project – Now this IS a fact, not a PR exercise designed to wash your brains…

I have researched and worked on a Mary Magdelene project for a long time, these pics are just a couple of the pictures I uploaded on the net around 2009, early 2010; the picture on the left is the relics of MM in the south of France, the picture on the right is one of my art piece, relating to the christian egg tradition –  I have created  around 50 art pieces around the subject.

The Mary Magdelene project

+ As a bonus track : the other Mary…

Performance in PARIS March 2012, dedicated to Edith Piaf


This concert performance , dedicated to Edith Piaf, was a protest against generic and corporated music. It was photographed by Foc Kan, and documented on Diane Pernet’s blog, Edith used to stay there when she was 14 and sang in the streets of Paris. The photo behind is of Edith. Chez Hammad.