Some out pics from the video “With My Blonde” shot in Italy in 2010

It might bring a smile to the lips of the descerning ones to witness these pictures from the video “With My Blonde” made in 2010, pics copyright TDS

A mask I made in 2005…

And wore it to a festival this summer;

I made all these headgear creations so I could wear them in my polaroids…

also a picture with me and Stephen Jones in 2009;

notice my straw hat I found in a market in France..

Make it smaller, add a flower, here’s your Beatrice hat… Et voila! 😉

The Last Chanteuse and The Veil

My love for vintage clothing did not start in the eighties ( way way back – maybe when I was  5 years old and wore my mothers clothes), but when I moved to London, it just perfectly suited my theatrical style and my bohemian wallet – you see nothing changes – I became a devotee of markets and second hand shops – My first veiled hat dates from the mid eighties : as they say in France “elle a une tête a chapeaux !”. Both my mother and I have a small head, which is always good in terms of hat wearing; so the first photo of me wearing a veil is for this French rock magazine called Best in the mid eighties – it followed with many crazy hair pieces, especially in LA ( unfortunately not so many pictures from these times, too much fun ) – It really became quite an obsession when I started to take these Polaroids of myself; if I did not wear a veil or a hat, I would either draw it on the photo, or stick some tiny bit of actual veil on the self portraits. This started in 2003 – In 2007 I opened a club night at the Grill room at the Cafe Royal ( famous haunt of Oscar Wilde ) and created for the occasion a net with little jewels encrusted that was wrapped all around the face like a fruits and vegetable net, because it was! – This of course has been copied  ! But never quite the Pigalle way ! 😉

Faithfully yours…,

The last chanteuse