Anne Pigalle Ecstase all women show June 28th

An all women show with music, burlesque , film, art performance June 28 th at the Dublin Castle in Camden Tickets

A few facts you should know about Anne Pigalle ( Une ou deux choses …)

Fan or not fan of Anne Pigalle, some seriously strange stuff is happening out there on the net…

To make a long story short : it appears that certain individuals are trying to crush me by pretending I have never done anything after1985 to obviously suit their purpose…

IE every abuse towards my work is allowed and excused, even if it’s a lie.

Now for the ignorant or the simply curious, I come from Paris for starters, have existed and created before and after the ZTT period, and much has happened pre and since;

One of the reason I left ZTT records was because, having always performed live, most of my audience and myself decided that , really, that my songs sounded better live; I did like the ZTT record ( they are my songs after all ) but everybody agreed, it was a tad “overproduced”.

After exiting this situation and after the success of the Cafe de Paris, I was offered to produce songs for commercials in Japan, still travelled and toured the world, moved to LA where the great Donald Cammell wanted to direct my film; unfortunatly he died, and not being a “business whore” I could not think of anyone else I wanted to work with; the idea of this screenplay has been reworked, and is still very much alive.

I came back to England, have never ever stopped touring Europe and the world ( they are infos on this site to prove it ), and started a successful career as an artist; I kept performing , and from as far back as 1997, my erotic poetry was included in my repertoire; the audiences were shocked at first and then, everybody followed and still is…

My AMEROTICA album is produced by a fine artist who is the descendant of an extremely influencial group of artists who changed the face of the art world ( but more of that later ) and L’AME EROTIQUE is an intimate collection of my Ame Erotic Poems, this came out in 2010 and 2011 but has been performed from way back live, a lot on the London scene and elsewhere, as well as performed at my very successful art show in 2006 at the Michael Hoppen Gallery ( One of the worlds leading photographers gallery ) and was nominated 4th best show in The Times…The self portraits Polaroids photographed ( often painted ) reflected my emotional situation at the time, I made sets, costumes and masks for them, they were little scenes of a made up sacred sexual bordello reflecting a woman identity toward her lover. The show was extended due to its success, , and renown collectors bought some pieces.

There is plenty of documented informations on this site and on the internet and I will reveal my long artistic journey in due course, but, a few facts and dates needed to be straightened,

Yours faithfully and only … Last Chanteuse

Anne Pigalle

Photos from the evening and following performance – PARIS 11/11/2012

Inside of David Lynch headquarters in Paris

Performance in PARIS March 2012, dedicated to Edith Piaf


This concert performance , dedicated to Edith Piaf, was a protest against generic and corporated music. It was photographed by Foc Kan, and documented on Diane Pernet’s blog, Edith used to stay there when she was 14 and sang in the streets of Paris. The photo behind is of Edith. Chez Hammad.