The revolution will not be televised, or will it ?

pic at Rfh by Hengameth

Another pic from performance at RFH by my lovely Iranian friend Hengameh, who’s late husband unfortunately died in the war in Iraq reporting for the BBC in 2003; he was a legendary reportage photographer; he’d seen a revolution or two.


at the RFH, pic Kevin Cummins

it was a dog’s day playing at the Vintage Festival at the Royal Festival Hall

, July the 31st: they could have booked anyone else for their 30’s 40’s slot but no ; so, thank god for technology, I could read the lyrics of some songs I don’t usual sing, like Mac the Knife for example; the waiters enjoyed the classics, were not too sure about the erotic poetry

RFH, my hand by K.Cummins

and Kevin Cummins was sweet to come and take some pics, this is one of them, more to follow.