This very naughty little CD in question…

L’ame erotique cd home made cover…

brings me joy and also unexpected surprises,

it’s true there are 4 adult orientated poems on it, but hardly anything pornographic, (there are also love poems) or shall I say, hardly anything that any poet who I respect and respect themselves hasn’t committed;

or could it be, to be precise, because it is written and performed by a woman, it raises more eyebrows ?

Shock Horror!…

A festival, calling itself “literary”, but more behaving like a BCBG convention, finds Miss Pigalle new CD L’Ame Erotique ( also known as âme érotique ) too risqué for its audience – Hummm…What would they have thought of Rimbaud and Baudelaire I wonder, or do you have to be dead in order to be poetic ???

L’Ame Erotique cover for itunes

polaroid title “Masquerade”

quite apt, no?