Madame Sex Art Cd

The Madame Sex Art Cd came out in 2013 as an Art Cd, every cover is painted individually.
There is some explicit material.
Prior to that L’Ame Erotique came out on ITunes .
From now on, there will be a new edition of Madame Sex and l’ame etotique, with more tracks, songs, poetry, still with
an original Art cover, but no more downloads anywhere of L’Ame Erotique or Madame Sex.
After all it’s a piece of art, no trash pop .





New release, Madame Sex does L’Ame Erotique is out !!!!

ame 500-300itDO I NEED TO EXPLAIN ?

11 tracks, 5 new ones, its MADAME SEX  does L’Ame Erotique,

as if you couldnt get to grip with the all thing,

open your ears, open your eyes, open your hearts, stop being dead, listen to the dead, The new baby is out !!!

You can buy track by track , get addicted, buy this instead of a packet of cigarettes, dont be daft, be discerning, dont be a cockroach on a fruit ball, don’t be a follower of trash, at least be trash, or just be.

Listen, buy, steal, but dont stay indifferent…for now you’ve met with …Madame Sex !

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