Live performances

One to one personal  performances with the acquisition of the Madame Sex art Cd , in a bar somewhere £100 for both .

Enquire and reserve  on the contact page 



Madame Sex and L’Ame Erotique,
Both only available as an art Cd.

ame 400:300

AND MADAME SEX AS A PROTEST ART CD, check the website and the related posts on the blog.


“Most artistic attempt at regaining a flame” Esquire magazine
“Anne Pigalle’s polaroids could teach Dita Von Teese a thing or two”
Big Shiny Thing

“She’s snapped” The love crazed French singer…An attempt to woo him back ” Stella Magazine

4th best in The Times “How to win back an ex lover, a French artist finds the answer…”Rachel Cambell-Johnson

“Her Polaroids, made with material found around the house, have a decadent and kitschy air , reminiscent of Claude Cahun” Zoom Magazine

“Son travail rappelle les îcones de l’art classique ” French Photo Magazine

In the process of recording new album, reinventing the fun.

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