The next La Nuit du Salon Amerotic June 29th

The desire to change the intellectual apathy Sanctum Soho June 29th

There will be lovely guests such as actress Jenny Runnacre and performer David Ellis and also Sleazy Michael, music, interactive salon and an art prize.

From 8 pm to 12 – 20 Warwick St, downstairs London Soho. £10 Dress fun or sexy

Because they cheat in love, sex and politics. Authenticity vs karaoke bis

Because they cheat in Sex and Love, they also cheat in politics, or is it vice versa?

At least my polaroids were real ( as vs to recreated ). And it was about a woman reaching out for beauty, not a shopkeeper making more money by using other women and the idea of sex toys ( vs real sex and real live – most of the time ) –