Detail from mural painting in exhibition Le Sexe

It’s been a while since I have taken part in an group art show, and this one promises to be fun; 100 women artists under the same roof, imagine…

I have my very own cubicle , like my little sex house, but it isn’t really, I want to dress it quite surreal, with its paintings and self portraits polaroids and writings on the walls; my little house is situated on the top floor, the second floor that is, of this huge warehouse in Kentish Town; it used to be some kind of film editing suite I think; I get lost when I look for the toilets in order to wash my brushes, that’s how big it is; I will be performing in front of my little room at 7.30 exactly on the PV opening on Thursday.

Here is a detail of what I painted on one of the walls, go figure…

detail from mural painting…

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