International women’s day

When I had my exhibition Amerotica way back when ( âme means soul in French ), it was an attempt to comment on the role of woman in society, and of course my own.

The issue is not simple, women get abuse everyday and not just by men, by women too.

They said my photographs were reminiscent of women photographers like Cindy Sherman and Claude Cahun, for their self portraits; they also said it reminded them of Mollino, for the eroticism. They said many things, and I see now bad copies everyday, which still reduces the role of women to objects to be utilised. It was quite a step forward though for a woman to push these kind of boundaries in terms of sexuality and intimacy and because it was real, no fashion mock. Here is a press release from the day and one photo…

The Polaroids are now vintage, but follow up and everything else happens this year.

La Soubrette De La St Valentin

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